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Explore the countryside on a camel cart and relive the medieval era.

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Visit the Brahma Temple.

Explore Pushkar Lake / Ghats. 

Visit the colourful Pushkar bazaar.

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Kalbelia songs are based on stories taken from folklore and mythology. These songs and dances are part of an oral tradition that is handed down generations and for which there are neither texts nor training manuals. In 2010, the Kalbelia folk songs and dances of Rajasthan were declared a part of its Intangible Heritage List by the UNESCO.

Camel Cart Ride / Camel Ride

Pushkar Visit

Kalbeliya Performance

Cooking Lessons on Local culinary delights are imparted, medicinal values of the Indian Spices are explained and the guests are given hands on experience of cooking.

Guests visit the class rooms and observe the method and standard of teaching. They are also made to interact with the teachers and children. Schools remain closed on Sunday & holidays.

Visit or drive through the fields of marginal farmers, peep into their homes and take a glimpse of their lifestyle

Interactive Cooking Demo

School Visit

Farm/Village Visit

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Pushkar was the largest producer of roses at one time and still produces one of the best quality rose products in the world. Explore the production methods of few of these products.

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This is the backbone of the rural economy. The Co- operative society with the support of the state, collects milk at the collection centres from the farmers and further sends it to the pasteurizing unit and the packaging plant, then from there it is sent to other big cities.

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The nearby farmers bring vegetables and flowers, to sell to the traders, who further sell it to local vegetable vendors and bulk buyers.

Rose Products

Milk Collection Centre

Wholesale Vegetable Market

All the above activities are charged separately.