Jungle Safari’ – Wildlife encounters
Take a Half day / full day Jeep safari to :

See Black Bucks, Chinkaras, Blue Bulls, etc.
Do Bird Watching or Angling.


‘Kabila Safari’ – Tribal settlements & hamlets
Take a Half day / full day Jeep safari to see :

“Gujar” shepherd – settlements.
"Kalbelia” Snake charmers – settlements.
“Dhani” (Hamlets) of Bishnoi, seervi and Kumawat communities.communities.
Tribal settlements.


‘Itihasik Safari’ – Historical and other places of Interest
Half day / full day Jeep safari to :

Magar Mandi Mata Mandir a 9th Century. Hindu temple, 3 km away with a history of construction and destruction, animal sacrifices and miracles.

Cenotaphs’ – (1/2, Km.)

Battle field of Giri Sumel where Sher Shah Suri regretted his ambitions by saying “ For a handful of Bajra I would have lost the Sultanat (Kingdom) of Delhi". ( 38 Km)

Kurki.- (55 Km) Birth Place of ‘Meera Bai’.

Pushkar – worlds biggest cattle fare is held here in Kartikya Poornima i.e. in Nov. / Dec. every year. It is a holy town and has the only Bramha Temple in the world. As per Hindu mythology Bramha is the creator of the world. (105 Km) 

On the birth of present Thakur’s father Rajkumar Udai Singhji, his Grandfather Thakur Ummed Singhji offered and installed the "Golden Kalash" (highest point of the dome under which the "Deity" rests) and a "Silver Bajjot" (low table) at the Bramha Temple, along with agriculture land for the Temple in the year 1934.

Ajmer Dargah Sharief (92 Km)
Ranakpur Temples – 174 Km ( Jeep Safari Route – 145 Km)

Jodhpur – Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Shrinathji Temple, Ummed Bhawan (110 Km)

Nathdwara – (195 Km) Shrinathji Temple


‘Gaon Parikrama’ – Village Culture Tour
Take a round of Nimaj and the following places of interest such as:

Religious places i.e. different Hindu Temples, Mosques, Jain Temple etc. and their festivals and rituals.

The Palace houses two temples one of Lord Shiva which is about five centuries old and the other of Lord Krishna where regular prayers “Aarti” is held every morning and evening with the beat of musical instruments like ‘Nagaras, Jhalar, Tankoras, bells etc.

Nimaj has been a birth place of many saints, while a many more came to Meditate and study here. Eleven saints have taken “Samadhi” at Baggichi. As per Hindu religion Samadhi is the highest level of Meditation, where salvation is achieved by either renouncing the body by willfully getting buried 9 feet below the ground level in a festive mood and the other belief is that the Saints are still meditating. There are recoded instances in this country where unknowingly while digging wells or foundations, people have come across meditating saints who preferred to continue meditating. 
The last “Samadhi was taken by Sant Chetan Giriji Maharaj in the year 1972. His last words were to eradicate sufferings of human beings and said those who stand by my “Samadhi” and offer “Agarbati”, incense stick to God, will get cured of “Piles” disease, it is said he suffered from piles.

Thousands of people sitting hundreds of miles away have miraculously been healed by just remembering him, they then come and offer their homage to the “Saint who still cures”.

Social living – different colonies of different sects, religion and clans of people, their way of living, different dress codes, food habits, marriage tradition and ceremonies, very simple and easy divorce and remarriage systems of farmer communities unbelievable by many Indians too, different social functions, etc.

Economic Activities : it is a treat to see a farmer till the soil with bullocks and camels, manual brick kilns, manual stone quarries, manual milking of Cows, buffaloes and goats. ‘Gaushallas’ – cow protection centers, Cobblers, gold smiths, Black smith & merchants etc at work.

The duration and location of the safaris are clubbed to give maximum coverage as per the desires of the guests. You show your interest and we’ll plan your itinerary

Now, head out for a holiday, as you know where to set step in style – to relax, unwind and get entertained like royalty.