History of Nimaj

Nimaj Palace is a 40 room heritage hotel where all the rooms offer a different experience in princely living and it is one of the oldest heritage properties running as a hotel. Over the centuries the Thakurs of Nimaj refurbished the palace as per their likes which even today evokes a feeling of awe and reverence and the imposing gates remind you of the chivalrous days. The palace facade carved in red sand stone makes it a distinctive landmark in the architectural history of India. Many typical Indian Motifs and designs used here have to be seen to be believed which gives the palace a unique flavour..

As you enter 'Loha Pole' the towering gates and pass by the 'Dalwans' (country kin's sit-outs) the touch of royalty is instantly apparent. When you stop in the courtyard (chowk) even a casual glance will make you appreciate its distinctive architecture.

Guests are given a traditional Palace welcome out side "Dari - Khanna" (a hall with arches which was once the Durbar Hall of the Thakurs, where they greeted dignitaries, met people and carried out routine orders.) The Indian saying goes 'Atithi Devo Bhava' which means 'A Guest is God'. So we greet you with warmth and garland you with string of marigold, anoint you with 'tikka' (an auspicious red dot) and perform the 'aarti'. You can then soak in the warmth of Palace ambience with a soothing welcome drink.


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